Eddie Schwegel – Drums/Percussion

Eddie knew he found his groove when he picked up his first pair of sticks at the young age of 6, and has been a definitive, driving force behind many bands.

Influenced by The Monkees, classic country and hits of the 50’s, 60’ and 70’s, his biggest musical mentors are The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Keith Moon, Rick Allen, Neil Peart plus many of the great musicians he has played with. Eddie’s the former drummer for thrash legends, Faith or Fear.

“High energy “Hello America” is my favorite Def Leppard song to play live. I have to say it’s been a challenge to replicate Rick Allen’s drumming as there’s not another drummer who does what he does the way he does it. I work to improve my technique every day.”

“When playing with Arsenal and the music is tight and everyone is relaxed and smiling and you look out into the audience and they’re screaming and dancing well, how can you not enjoy that!”